A Great Day at the Races!

What a fun way to welcome everyone to our NEW website!

Today, Our CEO Shannon Paige, with her beautiful racehorse Childee, felt the thrill at the "Just Breathe and Run Barrel Races" in Lincoln, California today, an event created to benefit research into Cystic Fibrosis.

The weather was perfect and so was their run, shaving off seconds from Shannon's last race six years ago, what a great comeback!

Just look at those smiles, two happy beauties after a successful run!

We hope that more folks who already enjoy their lessons and volunteering at the California Therapy Horses Ranch will be inspired to go deeper in their training so they can have a blast like we did at future events like these! Be sure to check out the video of Shannon's first run (below). We'll add the second race from later in the evening soon, so stay tuned!

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