• Raise enough funds with grants, Horse Sponsorship, Club/Foundation Community Partnerships and Fundraisers, to support our adopted animals.

  • To have ability to offer Free therapeutic services and the experience of healing from our horses and dogs.

  • To become the first accredited Northern California Certified Therapy Horse Facility.

  • To offer healing and education through the animals to as many people as possible who have issues with trauma, abuse, addictions, alcoholism, autism, depression and grief.


  • New Fencing for our horses, additional separate pens with shade.

  • Regular landscaping help

  • Restoration work on barn and current shelters on property that are are in need of repair


  •  Tractor for care of property

  • Out door arena covering

How Can You Support and Partner with our Non-Profit?

  • Become a Horse or Dog Sponsor

  • Volunteer at the Ranch

  • Donations of any kind

  • Sponsor an adopted Foster Child, Autistic Child or Adult's Riding Lessons

  • Shop our Ebay Charity items 

Becoming a Sponsor is much appreciated monthly support!

This helps us to: 

Sponsor a child/adult to Ride:

  • $15.00=15 minute Ride 

  • $30.00= 1 hour Ride

  • $120.00= 4 one-hour Rides (one month's worth)

Sponsor a Horse:

  • Farrier Trim = $40.00 Shoes=$80.00

  • Teeth Floating = $110.00 one-time treatment improves Horse's ability to eat

  • Fly Spray per month = $25.00 per bottle

  • Grain and Hay - 1 horse = $55.00 per month

Who can help?

Anyone in the Community and World Wide​!