Shannon Paige​

CEO & Founder

My name is Shannon Paige. I am the CEO of California Therapy Horses, Inc. and the founder of Soul Healing Horses.

We offer individual rides, natural horsemanship lessons, and group Equine Assisted Activities Coaching (EAAC), along with Animal Assisted Activities (AAA). We are open to the Public to come and experience the love and healing energy of our horses through petting, grooming and feeding.

From working with the horses I found my own healing and I am now able to give back to those that are wounded and need healing. I facilitate between the horses, dogs and humans to learn how to have boundaries, mindfulness and experience unconditional LOVE.

The healing comes by connecting.

We begin by helping the horses and dogs heal, then their purpose is to help people. We have gone from helping just a few groups a year in 2014 to being open to the public Fridays and available by appointment Saturdays. People get to pet, groom and feed horses (we also take appointments Monday thru Thursday) and were recently approved for home school children to come out for P.E.

In the beginning I only had 4 horses, currently we have 20 adopted horses and 4 dogs. Several are in training and all are associates on their way to becoming certified therapy horses.

Brienne Diaz
Brienne Diaz


Michelle and Norm Dulleck
Michelle and Norm Dulleck

Secretary and Director

New Directors coming soon!